Friday, April 01, 2005

What NOT to do on April Fool's Day

I learned the hard way. Here's how it panned out:

Rusty, a mid 20's boheme with a tall, slender build, is standing in the hallway of his fiancee Rachel's apartment. Rachel is a beautiful mid 20's brunette with a slender build and striking eyes. She is watching the morning news in her living room. Rusty sneaks into the bedroom where Rachel keeps her cell phone. From her cell phone, Rusty dials his own cell phone.
Then he quickly walks into the living room with Rachel. His cell phone rings.

RUSTY (into the phone)
Hello? Oh hi Mark.
(Mark is the manager of the facility where Rusty and Rachel are getting married in July)

RUSTY (contd.)
Yeah. Oh no. Really? Is there anything you can do? OK, I'm with Rachel right now. We'll discuss it and call you back.

Rusty hangs up the phone and walks towards Rachel, who is sitting on the couch enjoying a cup of coffee.

RUSTY: Rachel?
RACHEL: Yeah, hon?
RUSTY: That was Mark on the phone. He says there's a problem with the date we picked for our wedding.

Rusty struggles to hold back a smile. A look of terror crosses Rachel's face. She sets her coffee down.

RACHEL: Are you serious?

Rusty can tell by the look on her face this was a bad idea. Suddenly he fears for his life.

RUSTY: No, I'm not serious. April Fool's!


A loud thud is heard OFF SCREEN.


Rusty is doubled over in pain on the living room floor. Rachel walks out of the living room in tears.



True story. I'm going to have a hefty bruise on my mid section.


Blogger Ogre said...

Ah, young love. She'll get you trained eventually. ;)

12:52 PM  

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