Monday, March 14, 2005

My drama with the News&Record continues

Nothing to do with Mr. Johnson or politics this time. It's about the Charlotte 49ers again.

Picked up the paper this morning and flipped to the sports page. Saw the blurb about the NC State/Charlotte matchup. Of course, the 49ers were denoted as "UNC Charlotte" in the N&R. (See this past blog entry for more on the name game the N&R keeps playing).

What is particularly frustrating is that right next to the State/Charlotte blurb was a discussion of the Wake Forest/Chattanooga matchup. Yes--Chattanooga. You know, the school that is officially known as "The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga", but whose atheletic department goes by simply "Chattanooga".

Then there's "The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill", who is denoted as UNC or Carolina in the paper.

I've checked a lot of media stories on the NCAA tournament and have examined lots of brackets. ESPN, CBS Sportsline, Yahoo sports, CNN/SI, the Charlotte Observer: they all refer to the 49ers as simply "Charlotte".

Come on, N&R. Quit playing double (or triple, or quadrouple) standard and call Charlotte Charlotte. Here's that link again to the announcement from the Charlotte athletic department. I'll go ahead and send a hard copy to the sports department and to John Robinson.


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