Saturday, January 01, 2005

I met David Wharton today

Something about the phrase "it's a small world" always bugged me. Maybe it's because people use it too much. If you bump into a coworker at a Neil Diamond concert, then that isn't a small world. Everyone and their uncle has gone to see Neil Diamond at some point (right? or maybe I'm just hoping I'm cool and normal because I dig on the Diamond). Also, shouldn't the phrase be "small country" or even "small state", because really--how many times have you run into someone by chance somewhere else in the world besides your country or state? The term "Small world" only seems appropriate if, while at a Waffle House in Butte, Montana, you run into that slovakian refugee that you once met on a mission trip across the globe.

I'll use the term "small Aycock historical district". Cause that's where I met Dr. Wharton today. He was jogging and I was taking the trash out of my fiance's apartment. He stopped and asked if I was Rusty. I replied that I was. He said he enjoyed my blog, and I said I enjoy his (which I do, very much. Check it out here). He said I should post more, which inspired me to lay this one on you. Here it is.

It was nice meeting you, Dr. Wharton.


Blogger David Wharton said...

It was nice meeting you, too, Rusty -- but you have to stop with that "Dr." stuff! First names only in the blogosphere.

3:45 PM  

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