Saturday, July 26, 2008

do NOT go see Batman The Dark Knight in Imax at Discovery Place in Charlotte

The presentation just about ruined an otherwise incredible film.

1- The Discovery Place screen is Imax Dome (formerly known as Omnimax), not Imax. This means the screen is more curved and tilted. Which means images get distorted, and it's really hard to keep up with the action sequences. And your neck is going to hurt at the end of the film.

2- The seats are so close together that you HAVE to stand up to let someone by. So when Joe Blow needs to go to the bathroom, you can't just scrunch up and let him walk by. You have to completely get out of your seat.

3- The Discovery Place people treat Imax more like a rollercoaster than a movie. They killed the ending musical score prematurely with an announcement from the voice-of-God narrator about being careful when you exit the theater. What the heck? The movie isn't over. Shut up.

4- No credits?!? Are you kidding me? How do they even get away with that? One of my favorite parts of a movie is enjoying the score while the credits roll. Call me a film snob, but I believe the movie isn't over until the last credit rolls.

DO NOT GO SEE BATMAN IN IMAX DOME AT DISCOVERY PLACE. That is not how a movie should be experienced.


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The presentation just about ruined an otherwise incredible film..
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